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    How To Play

    Winlot Global Resources Limited is a lottery firm with a fixed odds game in which players contest against the operator (Winlot), and not among themselves. The amount won is independent of other winners. Hence, Winlot bears the total risk and literarily can win or lose.

    There are five different ways to play ; where A player either wins the full amount or loses the bet totally.
    A player / customer can stake any amount he wishes (between a minimum stake and usually a maximum stake as obtainable on the platform).

    How to Play Winlot Lotto

    Predict correctly any one (1) two (2) three (3) four (4) or five (5) numbers out of ninety (90) numbers on any Winlot indoor games to win.

    Also, you can increase your chances of winning by selecting a minimum of '3' and maximum of '20' numbers (under permutation option) with the expectation to either match a minimum of '2' numbers or maximum of '5' numbers (conditions apply) from your lucky numbers.

    Where to play

    Visit any of our approved agent using Winlot terminals and get your online Ticket for any amount (between minimum and maximum amount approved). Ensure that there is a well displayed serial number under the barcode on your ticket, if not request for a valid ticket.
    Note: Only those within 18 years and above are allowed to play.

    • At our blue winlot kiosk
    • At our widely spread retailer network

    Prize redemption

    To claim your winning, the following must be considered:

    Numbers drawn does not necessarily have to follow any sequential order to Win

    • Winning ticket MUST bear the Date of the Draw, Name of the Game Drawn and the Correct Numbers Drawn.
    • The numbers drawn must tally with numbers staked by the customer as well as the serial number (under the barcode) on the ticket.
    • Only persons who are 18 years and above can play lottery and possibly claim winnings if any.

    Locations where you can claim your winning ticket:

    1. Winlot office
    2. Approved Principal agents' outlets and
    3. Sub agents' locations where amount is small.

    The Responsible Gaming Principles and Framework of World approved Lottery operators has become a priority for WGRL. Play responsibly….


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